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the bandage box. But Portia said, ' Viola, this is no time to
delay.' And Viola ran off. Then Portia said, ' Cordelia, you
go to the stable, quick, and saddle up papa's horse/ I said no,
I'd saddle up and I didn't want the Professor's horse, I wanted
my own. You know that old grey horse the Professor rides
round is so fat it can't go better'n a walk. But she grabbed
my arm, and said to Cordelia,' Go on, do it.' And said to me,
' Pull off your coat, quick.' ' Look here,' I said to her, ' who's
this warrant for, you or me? I'm going to get my horse/
Then she said,' Take off your coat, Hugh, so we can bandage
up your hands/ I burst right out laughing. For a fact. Then
they just bandaged me up, like the Professor. And they got
one of the Professor's old long, black coats and I put it on—
both of us being tall and spare-made—and one of his old
black hats that flop down. Then we went down to the stable,
where Cordelia had his old grey horse saddled up. Soon as I
got on, Portia said, ' Turn your coat collar up, and hang your
head down like papa when he's riding along thinking, and
they can't see you haven't got a beard/

"Well, I met them down the road a piece. Not a long
piece, either. About a half-dozen of soldiers, and two or three
deputies I reckon. I just lifted up my hand the way the
Professor does when he meets somebody on the road, and
prayed the Old Marster'd make those bastards notice the
bandages and all. Well, they did. One of the deputies said,
1 Good evening, Professor Ball/ and I rode on with my chin
dug down in my breastbone so hard it hurt, just like I was
the Professor busy thinking.

" I went on over to the Campbell place and spent the night.
They almost busted a hame laughing when they got a good
look at me, too. But it was just as well, Portia figured it out.
I couldn't got out that old back road if I'd tried. There was
soldiers out there, too. Those soldiers I met on the road wasn't
but half of them, the others coming round on the old road
and scattering out back. They'd a-picked me up, sure. You'll
have to hand it to Portia, now. She's a smart one."

"Yes," Mr. Munn said, "a smart one."